Change Management and Training

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How do you put it all together?

Change Management can mean many different things to different people.  At Synergetic Solutions, we believe that Change Management is about moving individuals from where they currently are to where the business needs them to be.  It includes preparing individuals for the change, managing the change process, as well as designing and executing communications, training, and transition programs.  It also looks beyond the end of the change event, building the on-going support mechanisms and programs.  

Events requiring Change Management and Training support can be triggered by changes in technology, business strategy, operational or organizational changes, as well as many others. 

We design Change Management and Training programs from a holistic viewpoint, looking at all aspects of the business, through both a short and long-term lens.   Our approach is based on our copyrighted Synergetic 7 Change Model, Synergetic 7 Alignment Model, and Holistic Change Methodology.

We can help you define a Change Management and Training strategy as well as develop programs for you to take full advantage of your strategy.  Our Change Management and Training activities and deliverables are scaled to meet your individual needs.  Our objective is to recommend only what you need to prepare for a business change, not what we think will lead to additional business for us.  

In addition to designing new Change Management and Training programs, Synergetic Solutions is available to conduct Risk Assessments and Quality Reviews on current programs, either your programs or those designed and executed by another comapny.  Typical deliverables include:

  • Impact Assessments
  • Organizational Development Strategies and Programs
  • Training Strategies and Programs
  • Knowledge Management Strategies
  • Technology Adoption Strategies
  • Holistic Change Management Programs

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Want to know more about others perceptions and experiences…

“The most important thing I can share about Faith is that she “gets” Change Management. Faith is a solutions and action-oriented professional bringing a depth of experience as well as a breadth of understanding. Faith and I have both debated and collaborated on advancing CM best practices and thought leadership in several on-line communities as well as off-line. Her input and recommendations have been both pragmatic and insightful. I look forward to Faith’s continued contributions to the field.” 

Gail Severini ©, CEO, Symphini Change Management Inc.

“Faith and I worked together on several large-scale enterprise transformation efforts.  She excelled at seeing the organizational impact of business process and technology changes and at effectively guiding clients through the transition.  She was intimately involved in designing transition programs, organizational structures to support new corporate goals, training strategies and success measurement programs.  Although her specialization was more geared towards human performance and organizational design, her strong grasp of technology delivery allowed her to work across transformation programs very effectively.”

Bill PappasPrincipal at Price Waterhouse Coopers

“Faith is a highly-motivated, detail oriented leader with a true passion for her work and the people she works with.  Her laser-focus, integrity, and dedication make her an asset to any organization or project, and her vast breadth of experience functional knowledge position her to “hit the ground running” on almost any type of program/project.  I have known Faith both personally and professionally for over 10 years and would strongly recommend her to anyone lucky enough to potentially hire her.” 

Joe Ciancaglini, Senior Engagement Manager at Genesis 10

Guiding Principles

- Think Holistically
- Seek the Root Causes
- Respect the Individual
- Demonstrate Accountability
- Collaborate with Clients
- Work with Integrity, Always
- Relate to the Business Strategy
- Ensure Alignment
- Demonstrate Responsibility
- Transfer Skills

Thoughts and Quotes