Radio show: Revolution of One: Finding the Courage to Drive Positive Change

Do you want to drive positive changes around you?  Can one person really make a difference?  Absolutely.  A greater difference than than you might think!

Yesterday I was interviewed for a BlogTalk Radio Show by Heather Stagl of Enclaria.  During the interview we discuss my own personal Change Revolution, how to start a revolution, courage, fear, and other related topics. 

Why does change require courage?  Change is hard!  You might need to rock the boat, rattle a few cages, or eh gads, talk about the elephant (or elephants) in the room!  You need to stand up and be counted.  You need to be open and honest.  You might need to go against convention and cultural norms.  But there may be others just waiting for someone to take the lead.  Can you be that leader?
Is there something that is really bothering you?  Is it something that you can control or do something you need to let it go in order to focus your energy in other, more productive ways?  Might it be something you can start your own revolution about?  Unsure?  Here’s some questions to help think you think about whether to start your own revolution:
  • Do I really care?
  • Why do I care?
  • How can I have an influence on this?
  • What action can I take?
  • What outcome am I looking for?
Did you know that fear can be False Expectations Appearing Real?  Can you let your fear go?  Can you redirect this energy into a more positive direction?

Each day you get a fresh start to decide how you want to approach life and your interactions with those around you.  How do you want to behave today? 

Do you have the knowledge in your head and the belief in your heart that you can make a difference?  You absolutely can.  One person, one interaction at a time.
Want to make changes but need some help?  If you would like help working through your challenges, driving your individual or business changes, drop me a line.  I’d love to help you either change yourself, change your business, or drive your own Change Revolution.  I can provide individual coaching and support as well as spearhead organizational and strategic change efforts.  After all, that is what my own personal revolution is about…driving positive changes in the world around me.   One person, one project at a time. 


  1. Deb says:

    Hi Faith,
    Just took a break from BookBreakThrough! Read your latest Blog and it aligns with message of last couple days! Would love to stay in touch. Hugs Deb (DebToo) You are so much ahead of me in where you are with your “Idea”:)

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