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The Energy Elephant. Do You Bring Positive or Negative Energy?

This morning one of my favorite bloggers, Jonathan Fields, had an interesting story about a creative marking approach.  Jonathan’s article made me smile (as it often does) but at the same time left me feeling a bit hollow.  The marketing example he shared was funny and seriously creative.  

The pitch was to shop while you are bored at work.  It even included a  “Boss Button”.  You press the button if your boss walks buy when you are shopping.  Your shopping screen is covered with a page showing “corporate jargon” and a fake pie-chart.  I agree, it was funny.  I applaud the creativity.  

What bothered me was the root of the humor.  The humor wouldn’t have held true if it wasn’t directed at a fundamental underlying problem or experience.

  • How people feel at work, their emotional state. 
  • What they bring to work (i.e. attitude)
  • How they are using their time, or rather not using their time (i.e. manifestations of boredom/procrastination).

Here’s a link to Jonathan’s article if you are interested. 

Here’s the comment (ok, rant) I left on his site. 

At the same time I was laughing, I was also quite sad and feeling a bit depressed.  Why, at what the “work world” seems to have come to.  The attitude people tend to bring with them to work, and how many spend their day…not working.

Often times it’s not just “the company” at fault when the environment is poor.  It’s also what the employees bring or don’t bring to the metaphorical table.  Positive energy breeds positive energy, negative breeds negative.

There is a great difference between procrastination and boredom.  Much of what appears to be boredom is actually procrastination.  It’s not that they don’t have things to do, they don’t want to do them.

Just imagine if everyone kicked in gear, left the attitude at home and wanted to make a difference not matter where they were or what they were doing.  That they recognized that they may not be at their optimal job doing what they love best but that a) they were employed, b) were lucky to be employed, and c) could have a positive impact wherever they are.

What they are doing doesn’t have to be forever, but rather than making the worst of it couldn’t they make the most of it for both themselves and their employer.  After all, they took part of creating the situation.  They accepted the job offer…otherwise they wouldn’t even be there.

Own up and own your experience. Ok, rant over.

My questions for you to ponder today are:

  • What attitude do you bring with you to work?
    • Are you bringing your A game?
    • Do you look for ways to make positive changes or do you wait for others to “fix” problems for you?
  • Do you ever reflect on the fact that you are privileged to be employed, yes privileged? 
    • If you don’t feel priviledged, go read about the state of the world.  Don’t just rely on what you see around you.
    • If you are employed, you likely have a roof over your head and food on the table.  Many people do not.
  • What might you accomplish today if you “turned off” the unnecessary social media?  I hear complaints (and complain sometimes myself) about the overload of information. 
    • How much of that is within your control? 
    • What are you doing to yourself?

If you are unhappy with where you are, I encourage you to remind yourself that it doesn’t need to be forever.  Things rarely are, even when we want them to be.  In the interim, bring your A game.  Make a difference where you are at this moment in time.  Just think about how things around you could change if you did.  As I said in my rant above, positivity breeds positivity and negativity breeds negativity. 

Are you adding positive or negative energy when you are on the job?  What can you do to change things for the better?  Bring the Attitude of Gratitude on-line and into your life.  It makes a difference.  Really, it does.

Hum, time to take my own advice and buck up little doggie.  I’m thankful for:

  • The roof over my head – even if I dislike my too large mortgage that comes with it.
  • My mostly healthy family – which is better than seriously unhealthy or passed on.
  • The ability to read and to write – many cannot – and I couldn’t write this article without those basic skills.  (ok, who snickered out there…thinking maybe it would be better if I didn’t have them)
  • The fact that I have those extra lbs. on the hips.  After all, they indicate that I have food available to me, unlike many in the world. 

I’m also thankful that you found it in your heart to read this entire article.  Really, thank you.  May we all find ways to move ourselves and others from the negative to the positive side of the equation. 

P.S.  Tomorrow I’ll work on writing my list without the qualifiers attached.  One step at a time, one day at a time.  All forward progress, not matter how small, is good.


  1. Irwin Glenn says:

    Faith, a well written comment and I thank you for this post.

    For years I have hired people to work very demanding and rewarding jobs and my favorite piece of advice was to “have fun by noon or quit.” After reading this blog and following the humor of Jonathan’s blog post perhaps I should amend that to “have fun while doing what we pay you to do and if it’s not fun quit by noon.”

    If you are not having fun with the job, why do it? Life really is too short to sit and be bored, even if you are paid for the time.

    Thanks for the inspiring thoughts on gratitude.

  2. Faith Fuqua-Purvis says:

    Irwin – It’s interesting to think about what might happen if everyone took your approach! Glad you found a bit of inspiration. As I’ve been known to say…my work here is now done. Take care and keep enjoying what you are doing. If not, find a way to enjoy it or change it. Life is to short! Faith

  3. Excuses abound. There will always be one for procrastination and the company/corporation is always a good standby. In my case I am both the procrastinator AND the company. I would give you a longer list, but my boss is standing right over my shoulder…

  4. Sometimes we need that kick-in-the-pants to get us moving and appreciate where we are and what we have.

    Life is too short.

    Now what was that I was suppose to be working on?

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