Lionhearted Coaching ©

Do you want to change the direction of your career, your life?  Are you looking for a someone to really challenge your thinking, your approaches, your self perceptions?  Are you looking for something a little different from “traditional” coaching? 

If so, you may be ready for Lionhearted Coaching ©.  Lionhearted Coaching © is about insightful self awareness and forging your path for your life.  About finding the courage and insight to change your life.  It’s for those that really want to change themselves, their thought processes, their behaviors.  To be a Leader, not just a Manager or Executive.

With Lionhearted Coaching ©, Faith Fuqua-Purvis, author of Being Lionhearted:  The Courage to Change ©, will walk with you through self exploration towards your life’s calling.  

Faith will help you:

  • Understand how pre-conceptions limit us.
  • How being open to possibilities can liberate us to be “our best selves”. 
  • Explore and understand your own pre-conceptions.
  • Liberate yourself from boundaries – both one’s you are aware of as well as one’s you are unaware of.
  • Learn to both listen and hear.
  • Change the way you make decisions.
  • Dig into the details, not just rely the sound bites.
  • Speak the truth, not just what sounds good.
  • Talk about the Elephants in the room.
  • Make the less “popular” choices, but the right ones.  Both for yourself and for those around you.

Faith will be blunt, candid, and direct.  She will challenge your perceptions, your thought patterns, sometimes even your core beliefs.  All in a positive, introspective, and courageous way.  The outcome, a real and lasting change within yourself.

Lionhearted Coaching © isn’t for everyone.  It’s for those that really want to change – themselves and their game.   It requires real commitment on your part.  Commitment to build your courage, your Lion’s heart.  Are you ready?  Are you willing to complete activities, to analyze your patterns of behavior, to step back and reflect on your past?  Only by gaining a deeper understanding across a myriad of dimensions can you make lasting and significant changes in yourself, your behaviors, and your decision making processes.

Lionhearted Coaching © is about real and lasting transformation.  It’s for those that either already have the heart of a lion and are looking for courageous conversations or for those that want to build one.  It’s not for the faint hearted.

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Want to know a bit more before you decide …

Here’s your first assignment (yes, you do get assignments and homework with Lionhearted Coaching ©)

  • Describe the value of self awareness.

Did you actually stop to think about this question?  For how long?  Was it more than 10-15 seconds?  If not, you might not be ready for Lionhearted Coaching ©.  You have to do the work – you don’t get a “pass.”

Why is self awareness important?  We are always interpreting things.  Always and forever, we cannot help it.  What has come before, the past, influences how we presently see things.  What we are currently thinking about, recent experiences, our current emotional states, as well as our intended outcomes affects how we perceive things in both small and large ways.  Are you conscious or unconscious of this?  

Self awareness is about being aware of yourself – your thought patterns, your motivations, your typical as well as atypical behaviors.  It’s about knowing who you are, what you believe, and how you operate.  Another way you might think about self-awareness is as the ability to step outside of yourself to observe yourself.  In this manner, you become both the actor and the observer.  The more self-aware you are, the more innately you do this – both consciously and unconsciously.

When self awareness is very low, the outcome is a distortion – of events, of emotions, and of statements made by others.  As self awareness goes down, our bias and skewing of information, data, intentions, and people goes up.  Conversely, the more self aware you are, the more you can reduce the filters and/or lenses that you apply and see with greater clarity.  The greater clarity with which you see, the better the choices you make.  The more easily you can see when true action is needed and when it is not.

Want to know more about others perceptions and experiences…

“Faith has excellent insights.  She has the ability to form judgments faster than a Porsche 911 gets to 130mph!  Most of them right on.  She’s an excellent prospective coach for courageous executives!”

Chris Pierce-Cooke, Managing Partner, Alexander Ross & Company

“Exploring a topic guided by Faith has proven to be valuable addition to my learning toolbox.”
Luc Galoppin, Managing Director, Reply Management Consulting

“Faith is an agile strategic and tactical thinker: able to initiate, shift and move the balance of her ‘dialogues’ and is adept at navigating around the seas of complex adaptive systems.  She calls herself the elephant whisperer, but she is much more than that as well.  Faith is highly intelligent, a clear communicator, who reaches, influences and encourages many, an authority on perception, she is not afraid to talk about truths and uncover the back story.  She seeks to build, inspire and lead wherever she speaks of courage.   Faith a rare mix of abilities, probably not found on the Myers-Briggs scales.”

John Kelliher, Ph.D., Director, Polymath and Polyglot, Zettabyte Networks Limited

“Faith tests as a Strategist (Level 5 Leader), using the MAP.  The MAP tests level of leadership maturity and personal integration.  It evaluates a leader’s capacity to lead complex organizations and implement transformational change.  I believe the MAP results closely correlate with Level 5 leadership as explained by Jim Collins in “Good to Great”, the best selling leadership book.   From our interactions, Faith has demonstrated the depth and breath of analysis required to successfully manage highly complex business challenges.  Additionally, she is very dedicated to driving successful outcomes for those she works for/with.”

Maureen Metcalf, President, Metcalf & Associates, Inc.

“Faith Fuqua-Purvis has effectively advised C-Suite and Vice President sponsors at Global 500 corporations.  She provides a blend of innovative approaches and ideas along with pragmatic delivery of solutions to solve global organizational performance issues.  Her leadership, planning capabilities, teaming, and personal commitment to success are key attributes Faith possesses.  Faith brings a winning attitude to all her business and personal endeavors!”
Joseph Krolczyk, Director, Strategy & Operations, Deloitte Consulting

Guiding Principles

- Think Holistically
- Seek the Root Causes
- Respect the Individual
- Demonstrate Accountability
- Collaborate with Clients
- Work with Integrity, Always
- Relate to the Business Strategy
- Ensure Alignment
- Demonstrate Responsibility
- Transfer Skills

Thoughts and Quotes