How Fast Can Change Occur?


Change can happen faster than we think when you connect an inspiring message with a strong medium and engage the heart.

By minute six of this ten minute TEDXSF video I had tears running down my face.  Both my mind and heart were engaged and I made some decisions about things to do differently both today and in the future.

This video captures the heart and imagination through the words of a child, time lapse photography (by Louie Schwartzberg), and very powerful words spoken by Benedictine monk David Steindl-Rast.

May you find 10 minutes in your busy schedule today to watch this video.  May it help you find inspiration, gain a new view of the world, and a sense of gratitude for all we have.

Click here to watch it.

My change?  To view the world a bit differently today.  To seek ways to continue to capture the sense of thoughtfulness and wonder I feel for the world round me.  My on-going action, to revisit this video when I feel the need for a bit of inspiration and help to “stop and smell the roses.”


  1. Hi – very good site you have established. I enjoyed reading this posting.

  2. Guest says:

    Agree with you, I feel it’s powerful and practical.

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