Don’t Leave Humor Behind When You Get On-line: Ode to a Post-it Note

474514_post-it_notesI had a great deal of fun this week in the midst of working, networking, and learning.  Yes, all four can be accomplished in a synergetic manner.  I’m part of a great group on Linked In, Organization Change Practitioners.  While I belong to multiple groups, this is the one I really like.  To me it epitomizes the best of Social Networking.  I have great dialogs with this group and have made new friends through it.  I’ve also found people I want to work with.  Why you ask, is the group so great?  Because they openly discuss ideas, share experiences, offers insights, and are not afraid to debate.  Individual personalities frequently shine through the discussions as they do in real life.

For a recent question posted by one member, 50+ people from all over the world had responded with their thoughts.  We heard from some individuals once, others multiple times.  The question was only 16 words long, but was a powerful one for the group.  “What is the single most important trait of a successful Organizational Change Consultant in today’s economy?”  If you are interested, Jim Markowsky, who put forth the question, created a summary for the group.  You can see it on his blog.

I just met Jim – through this dialog.  Based on my comments and questions to him off-line, he asked that I provide a summary of my thoughts and observations.  My commentary took a decidedly different spin from his.  It included some insight into how my brain works (if you were paying attention) as well as having some fun.  While the you might think the discussion was done, several of us proceeded to comment back and forth with humor and poked fun at each other.  After all was said and done I thought “what a great on-line experience”. 

What made is so – it was real.  It was like the conversations after work at the bar or at the 19th hole.  It had observations, analysis, and humor.  Too often I think we are afraid to put ourselves out there, to make fun of ourselves, and be a little quirky.  You hear about the “rules” for networking but part of real networking is to be the real you.  To let others get an insight into who you are and better understand you.  You want to work with people you are comfortable with don’t you?  Are you comfortable with people who are always careful of every word they say?

So I’m taking a leap-of-faith so to speak.  I’m continuing my own personal revolution by sharing a little of my personality oddities.  My hope is that you laugh.  You can laugh with me or at me, maybe about me.  Maybe you will shake your head.  In the end my objective is to add a little humor and life into what can otherwise be a “flat” communication media.   So here it is, my Ode to a Post-it Note. 

No, I have no idea why my brain started writing stanzas of rhymes about post-its this week, really I don’t.  I woke up today and it started up again.  So, I decided to write them down.  If I had to guess, it’s because I do so much musical rhyming for my kids and that I had been thinking about how handy post-its are.  Here it is.

Ode to a Post-it Note (c)   

A little pack of paper, it costs about a dime.
It sits upon my desk, it looks at me – patiently waiting for its time.
It leaps and jumps into my hand, its long waiting now is done.
My time of use is here it shouts, my turn it says has come.

What will she use me for it wonders, an idea great or small.
Will I be placed upon some paper or there upon her wall.
Ideas and tasks she collects you see, and leaves them all about.
The post-its know they’re important to her and gives a great big shout.

I’m ready, I’m ready, it says with joy, I’ll lend you my space to write.
Ideas, insights, reminders, and tasks – I’ll help you keep them right.
The post-it knows her brain gets full, that she can’t remember all.
The thoughts, ideas, and things to-do that wind upon her wall. 

I’ve found my place, I have my use, I’m happy to oblige.
I know she’s thankful for my help, I’m happy to provide.
Glad she is for that small pad, for which she has such use.
She sometimes wonders what would life be like if all her notes were loose.

Imagine the mess, the great big pile, if there was not a sticky back.
She might have had to use a board with a million different tacks.
So much easier with post-its you see, they come in all shapes and sizes.
Sometimes she’ll find them lost about, they give her some surprises.

Like the one that says “I love you mom” her daughter chose to leave.
Upon her desk, now on her wall, her eyes it does now please.
She thinks, I’m glad that someone thought to commercialize their use.
There were first created, not for production, but for a team to use. 

It makes her wonder what we would learn, what might we find, if post-it notes could but talk.
Messages, ideas, and thoughts they’ve gathered and never did they balk.
They’re happy to find their place with us, in each of our little worlds.
If you say you haven’t tried them yet, then take them for a whirl.

To be used as each person sees fit, to be of some great use.
Post-its are here to help us out, with them you cannot lose.

A shout out of THANKS to my new friend Jim for reviewing the start of my rhyme and letting me know it did make him laugh.  I’m following his advice to copyright this so no stealing this original, quirky, creative, and a little bit off-beat poem.  However, do feel free to share and laugh amongst yourselves.  Live a little, laugh a lot.  May you have some fun today and every day from here on out.

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