Anatomy of a Change Agent

How can you Fire up your Heart to help drive change?

How can you Fire up your Heart to help drive positive change?

I find it interesting to observe how “Change Agents” interact with each other.  How they listen (or not), whether they speak respectfully (or not), as well as their willingness to change themselves (or not).  One of the first steps we can take to help manage change is to manage ourselves and how we interact with others. 

A colleague of mine, Ron Leeman, posted the following description during on online discussion. 

  1. A clear mind that is not cluttered with unresolved issues, unexamined motives or pre-conceived ideas.
  2. Eyes that can see beyond today.
  3. Ears that can listen to other points of view. 
  4. A nose that can sense opportunities and timing.
  5. A mouth that can speak out with honesty and respect.
  6. A heart that can feel others’ pain and respond to it.
  7. A fire in the belly that provides passion and responsibility and makes you want to get up in the morning.
  8. Skillful hands that can do work as well as strategy.
  9. Light feet that can move swiftly when the timing is right.
  10. The soul of a warrior with a deep sense of honor, perseverance and along with a willingness to act decisively.

I found it a useful metaphor to reflect upon – to ponder how these traits can help me be a better Change Agent and a better person overall.  I would add to the above list:

  1. That the mind be active and continually seek to fill itself with knowledge and information.  That it focuses on the ability to synthesize and apply that knowledge.
  2. That the heart is open and honest, genuine and true both to itself and to others.  That it seeks to understand and is kind to others.  We all make mistakes and have “bad” days.
  3. That the soul feels like an “old soul,” with the ability to reflect on the past.  To appreciate where it currently is as well as where it is going.

As I continue on my personal and professional journey, I challenge you to join me.  To find ways to make improvements to all parts of yourself:  mental, physical, emotional, and psychological.  I ask you to join me in my on-going quest to drive a change revolution.   To help create an environment (both in and outside of the workplace) that brings engagement and involvement rather than frustration and discontent.  To foster a revolution of change 1+1+1 ad infinitum.  

One person at a time can truly make a difference.  I’m hoping that today that person can be you.

Thanks Ron, for seeking to make a difference as well as always sharing in a respectful and open manner.  Cheers.  May we have a chance to lift a physical toast not just a metaphorical one someday.


  1. Bravo! Terrific attributes – I aspire to them all. Thanks for sharing this. Gail

  2. Faith says:

    Glad you found some inspiration. I too aspire to follow them each and every day. Some days doing better than others…

    After a less than stellar day, I just seek to pick myself back up and remember that I have another chance each day.

    To me the most important is the heart and intent. If I come from a place of truly good intentions many of the rest fall in line.

  3. Alonzo says:

    Cheers for the intresting post but if im honest its not genuinely my area.

  4. Dante Henig says:

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

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  9. To address the question from Backlinks as well as some other inquiries:

    * This web-site is created using Word Press’s Uncorked Theme.

    * I did contract with a colleague to do the initial Word Press build for me. He was familiar with Word Press and helped translate my vision into the tool. I now maintain it myself and will admit to being a bit behind in some of the tech updates. He initially tested on multiple platforms (including Safari). However, I’ve just noticed a couple of messages indicating some cross-platform issues are creeping up. Time to upgrade WP, check plug-ins, and run a test cycle. The joy of tech!

    * I set the initial color scheme I wanted then worked with a long-time friend of mine (and my graphic artist) on the color palette – syncing it up with colors that I used consistently in my logo, models, and other marketing collateral. While I know about colors I’m definitely not the expert in understanding how they translate from RGB to what they need for printing and how they translate for the web. It’s more complicated than you might think. Isn’t a color a color a color? Well it depends…

    * My friend/colleague/graphic artist, Matt Smerbeck (you can go to my Affiliates list to reach his web-site), created the logo you see at the top and all the graphical elements based on my sketches, descriptions, and several iterations (of course). More diagrams are partially developed so there will eventually be more pop-ups of models, diagrams, and high level methods.

    * I do have a background/experience in graphical interface design, usability, navigation, user testing etc. Many of the education programs I’ve designed are high-end technology based programs (i.e., simulations). Usability is not what I typically focus on for clients, but understanding a number of areas helps with design. Everything connects together.

    * I don’t post an article just to post something and get traffic, but when I have something my brain is pondering on, something I’ve recently made a conclusion regarding, or something that I simply wish people would think more about or do better.

    * This entire web-site reflects my own, unique work and views.

    * The articles (unless noted otherwise) are all my unique writing and thoughts. Typos and bad grammar included.

    * I will confess that I always do try to have someone else review my writing before publishing. “Fresh eyes” as I call it always help. A tip I would give you is to put your writing aside for a day. I always edit further when I do so.

    * Articles would be more frequent if time allowed. I’ve probably got two dozen articles and ideas in various stages. I get busy with client work and life.

    And yes, I can be long winded. Combination of many thoughts swirling around that I consider interconnected, a natural interaction style of “explaining” (I am an educator after all), and my desire to explain. Hence, the importance of putting it aside for fresh eyes…

    Hum, maybe this should be an article instead of just a response. Thoughts and ponderings for another day…

    Best regards to all,

    P.S. I post (intermittently) in multiple Linked In discussions. You can track down my views on various topics there also.

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