Borrow my Brain

Are you thinking about all the dimensions at play?

Wish you had access to a strategist, change expert, or business consultant but you don’t think you can afford them… Are you in need of someone to help define/refine a problem, lay out potential solutions, or discuss risk mitigation plans with? Looking for someone to really listen, give you their honest opinion, and help drive your thinking further? Wish you could talk through your needs without worrying about the consultant trying to “upsell”? Fear not. High value work doesn’t need to take a long period of time or cost alot. We’ve found that some of our greatest client impacts have occured during our Quick Consults when you Borrow Faith’s Brain.
So what would you get… When you Borrow Faith’s Brain, you get to tap the knowledge she has built over decades of guiding companies and individuals through strategic business and organizational changes. Faith will give you her honest thoughts and reactions, not just pretty words. We confess, Faith has been known to have lots of ideas and form impressions quickly. Our clients report that her questions and quick insights are “spot on”, and that often it is the questions she asks and the way she challenges their thinking that is the most helpful.
Faith’s insights are sourced from a sharp mind, strong intuition, and multi-dimensional life experiences. When you Borrow Faith’s Brain she will push you, asking tough questions that others typically avoid. Faith will challenge you to discuss the real issues, calling out the Elephants that most like to avoid. It won’t be a slow and measured conversation, so bring your coffee with you.
So what are my options? You can “Borrow Faith’s Brain” through Phone Consult Plus or Quick Visit Plus.
Phone Consult Plus – You’ll also get more than just a phone call, you’ll also get Faith’s ongoing mental processing. She’ll send along thoughts, ideas, questions, risks, and risk mitigation plans that her brain kicks out over the next 10 days.
  • 1 hr voice-to-voice discussion with Faith as well as analysis and follow-up information, $500
  • Additional 1 hr voice-to-voice discussions on the same topic, $225

Quick Visit Plus – Quick Visit Plus begin by with a pre-visit discussion to define objectives, challenges, risks and issues, as well as discuss the players involved. Faith will then come to your location for 1-3 days to participate in whatever activities are best suited to your specific needs. Quick Visit Plus typically includes one or more of the following: team and project observation, meeting participation, meeting facilitation, targeted interviews, and documentation review. A report providing observations, insights, risks, and other analysis is generated within 10 days.

Are there other options? We have found that our clients also find high value in our Quick Hit Strategic, Quality, and Risk Assessments which typically run 1-4 weeks. These are also completed as stand alone efforts, without the intent of “upselling” you. It’s about your immediate needs, not “bringing along the gravy train.”

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Want to know more about others perceptions and experiences…

“Faith is an agile strategic and tactical thinker: able to initiate, shift and move the balance of her ‘dialogues’ and is adept at navigating around the seas of complex adaptive systems. She calls herself the elephant whisperer, but she is much more than that as well. Faith is highly intelligent, a clear communicator, who reaches, influences and encourages many, an authority on perception, she is not afraid to talk about truths and uncover the back story. She seeks to build, inspire and lead wherever she speaks of courage. Has a rare mix of abilities, probably not found on the Myers-Briggs scales.” November 3, 2010
Sean O Ceilleachair – John Kelliher, Director, Polymath and Polyglot, Zettabyte Networks Limited was with another company when working with Faith at Synergetic Solutions LLC
“I have known Faith professionally for ~15 years. She is a change agent, out of the box thinker, and unlike many others who say they know “change management”, Faith truly can show you tangible, concrete ways to make human performance techniques and concepts positively impact your bottom line. Her ability to take you from concept to results is exceptional. Her insights on making an organization perform better, as shown on her web site or passed along through conversations, are right on target.” December 8, 2009
Ronald Kim, Vice President of Information Technology, Exelon was with another company when working with Faith at Synergetic Solutions LLC
“Faith Fuqua-Purvis has effectively advised C-Suite and Vice President sponsors at Global 500 corporations. She provides a blend of innovative approaches and ideas along with pragmatic delivery of solutions to solve global organizational performance issues. Her leadership, planning capabilities, teaming, and personal commitment to success are key attributes Faith possesses. Faith has led executive sessions as well as employee workshops around the world such as in China, Brazil, Mexico, and Switzerland. Faith brings a winning attitude to all her business and personal endeavors!” February 13, 2009
Joseph Krolczyk, Director, Strategy & Operations, Deloitte Consulting managed Faith at Deloitte

Guiding Principles

- Think Holistically
- Seek the Root Causes
- Respect the Individual
- Demonstrate Accountability
- Collaborate with Clients
- Work with Integrity, Always
- Relate to the Business Strategy
- Ensure Alignment
- Demonstrate Responsibility
- Transfer Skills

Thoughts and Quotes