Synergetic Solutions values professionals who highly are experienced leaders in their fields, with proven track records of delivering significant business value.  Our Affiliates are fully vetted and work in a collaborative manner.  Both our consultants and our Affiliates seek to enhance the business community through serving in Boards for other organizations, providing free consulting advice to local start-ups, participating in business and leadership panels, supporting not-for-profit organizations, and teaching in MBA and other educational programs.  We will partner with other independent consultants and firms as appropriate for our client’s business needs, once they have passed our vetting process.

Metcalf & Associates
Metcalf & Associates is a consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders transform themselves and their organization to thrive, grow, and deliver sustainable results.  Through a unique proven process, Metcalf assesses and develops leaders to transform businesses.  During complex times, these leaders develop innovative solutions that serve their teams, organizations, and communities.  We are committed to developing long term client relationships working with people who make an impact.

Carol Roth has worked with hundreds of companies, ranging from a single entrepreneur with an idea to Fortune 500 businesses, on all aspects of business and financial strategy.  Collectively, she has helped her clients raise more than $1 billion in capital, complete hundreds of millions of dollars in mergers and acquisitions, secure high-profile licensing and partnership deals, create online and other direct dialogues with customers and more.  Carol refers to her advisory style as the Spinach in Your Teeth®” philosophy, warning business owners to never trust anyone who won’t tell them that they have spinach stuck in their teeth.  She is also the author of The Entrepreur Equation.

Leadership Coaching Group
Leadership Coaching Group develops leaders who embrace change and challenge by expanding their leadership capacity and capability so they can make a difference. Their team consists of highly experienced, Georgetown University trained and International Coach Federation certified coaches who help leaders hone their strengths and collective leadership capacities to deliver results while fostering a culture of learning, accountability, and responsibility.

The Collective Mind
The Collective Mind provides organization development consulting, change management, project communications, and leadership development services.  It focuses on developing “soft” skills such as listening, communications and body language with a primary focus on technical professionals including IT, Engineers, Doctors, and Scientists.  In addition, The Collective Mind provides training on Relationship Management for managing service providers and outsourcers as well as managing inter-departmental business relationships.

Longitek Management
Longitek Management provides IT Executive Advisory Services related to IT Planning, Strategy, Governance, Infrastructure and Service Management.  They offer high-value services focused predominantly on quick start-up or turnaround situations.  Longitek also provides individual coaching services to executives, managers, or groups seeking to build leadership excellence and balance in their professional life.

Smerbdesigns is the design studio of Matt Smerbeck.  He is a freelance graphic artist with a background in Visual Communication Design.  He has over 10 years of experience in a variety of communications media, including:  brochures, logos, presentations and websites.  In addition, Matt has experience in developing educational programs using a variety of approaches and applications.

Guiding Principles

- Think Holistically
- Seek the Root Causes
- Respect the Individual
- Demonstrate Accountability
- Collaborate with Clients
- Work with Integrity, Always
- Relate to the Business Strategy
- Ensure Alignment
- Demonstrate Responsibility
- Transfer Skills

Thoughts and Quotes