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Are you Living or Existing?

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Have you stopped today to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature around you?

Many times we think we are living, but we are really just existing.  We deal with the day to day and it feels like a grind. 

We trudge through our day, doing our work, working on our to-do list (or lists), answering the phone and email, and trying to make “progress”.  But we feel stifled, tired, worn out, stressed.   We’re trying to figure out how to change things but everything we think of feels like too much extra work.

We often look for the big solutions and big changes when the little ones can have the most impact.  A few weeks ago I wrote about the Value of Nature.  How taking a few minutes to enjoy Nature around you can go a long way.  Since that time I’ve made an effort to enjoy my back deck and the woods behind me as many days as possible.  I’ve also made an effort to visit with some neighbors on their back patio.  

Although my life is pretty chaotic at the moment (many major life events going on) my inner peace has been increasing on days that I’ve stopped to check out of work and the digital world and connect with Nature and neighbors.  On the days I haven’t, where I keep my head down focusing on the list, telling myself I don’t have time to go outside, I find my stress continues to increase.

Life’s not perfect, it’s a rare moment that it is.  It is, however for living, not existing.  Instead of a “to-do list” why don’t you write a “do not do list” this week.  Cut yourself some slack.  Get real with yourself and those around you.  Too often I observe individuals living in the in the “digital world” but missing out on the “real world” … and by that I don’t mean the contrived one on TV which isn’t all that real.

Put down the pen, leave the desk, turn off the TV.  Ignore your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Kindle, and Nook.  Connect not only with others but with yourself as well.  The world will not stop if you ignore the phone, email, twitter, text or chats.  If fact, I believe it would be a better place with a little less of all of that.

Be present with yourself and those around you.  Be real not digital.  Look at your life one day, one experience, one encounter at a time.  You’ll likely be much happier.  I know I am.

Live your life rather than simply existing.  Peace everyone.

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