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Do you see me?

Do you truly see me or do I simply look like all the rest? I stand alone in a crowd. Waiting for my uniqueness to be seen.

Recently a group of colleagues of mine, some really high caliber thinkers, shared a laugh about the attached penguin picture.  This is a group of individuals I met through Linked In.  Rather than posting in Linked In, we have found that we often turn to our small group.  We challenge each others’ thinking, share insights and observations, and talk about “what if.”  To me, one of the true and real benefits of social networking is having connected with these bright, insightful, and valuable colleagues.

This is a group of really great people who are forging their own paths.  They have small firms which provide unique insights and are trying to make a difference.  They all have a passion for people and have a high level of integrity.  These are individuals who “get it” at multiple levels.  They ask the hard questions.  They offer the less popular solutions.  They provide advice as to what they feel is truly needed, not just lip service.  They want to do the “right” thing rather than the “easy” thing. 

With the significant increase of individual Consultants and small businesses, it’s nice to see some truly qualified individuals out there with their own shingle.  Individuals with a real desire to make a difference.  Who want to help improve people, organizations, processes, and businesses not just in the short term, but in the long term.  Individuals who aren’t selling a “solution” but rather are willing to invest the time and mental energy in understanding and analyzing situations to determine what would be of the most impact or highest value to the individual or business.

It appears that certain types of individuals (often when they cannot find employment) simply hang out a shingle and call themselves a Consultant.  After all Consultants don’t do much or “real work” do they?  They just tell others what to do and make big bucks don’t they?  So the thinking goes.  

With the flood of “Consultants” who have appeared in the marketplace this past year or two, each of us had been feeling a bit like we were being viewed as one of the crowd – when we each were quite different.  We know this.  Not just because of our individual personal beliefs, but because our thinking has been validated by other, deep skilled professionals.  We know that we think and operate differently, but that we are often lost in a crowd. 

We were concerned with the number of individuals who are labeling themselves as “Consultants,” but that we don’t feel really “get it” or are selling bad solutions or the wrong answer.  Their work products, behaviors, and ethics have an impact on the perception of all Consulting professionals.  They do not demonstrate what we are truly capable of accomplishing.  

My concern isn’t that that these new shiny shingled Consultants don’t have content knowledge.  Frequently they are quite deep in one area or industry.  Rather it’s that they do not have critical consulting, strategic, and analytical skills.   It’s about whether they really understand what it means to be a Consultant. 

  • Do they know what a client really needs or are they following a checklist?  
  • Can they truly add long-term value to their clients? 
  • Can they see the connections across and within? 
  • Can they sense what is happening in the “whitespace” of an organization? 
    • Do they even know what that is? 
    • Do they know how to find it?
  • Will they walk away from a client when they know that they aren’t the best solution or even a reasonable one?

Good, genuine, insightful Consulting is hard.  Really, really hard.  Honestly, my head hurts and I am exhausted when I’ve been deeply focused on my clients needs.  When I’m doing some multi-dimensional systems thinking, often nested systems thinking. 

My observation is that often times these deep skilled individuals are not well rewarded.  They have chosen to take the path less traveled and less constrained.  They want to operate with integrity and truth in an environment where many don’t want to hear the truth or take the hard, but right road.  These individuals often work as much for intrinsic motivational reasons as extrinsic ones.  They want to make businesses better and to do the best that they can for clients, without folding to politics and useless rhetoric.

For me, it doesn’t take long to identify who truly “gets it.”  Those that can see in color and think multi-dimensionally as compared to (or contrasted against) those who only see things in black and white but are adept at using the “right” words.  Those that simply following a process, script, or methodology without taking the time to analyze what is truly needed.  

Imagine the penguin picture in black and white.  Would you see the Emperor penguin or would he/she look just like everyone else?  Much of the world views Consultants in black and white.  Apples to apples.  A Change Management professional is a Change Management professional, is a Change Management professional right?  Wrong.  Very wrong.

So here’s my big shout out to some special people – great thinkers and good people. 

YOU ARE UNIQUE and I APPRECIATE YOU.  While we have never met in person, I’d work any day of the week, in any country with you and count myself both lucky and happy to do so.

Gail Severini, CEO at Symphini Change Management Inc   Gail’s Blog

Luc Gallopin, Managing Director at Reply Management Consulting   Luc’s Blog 

Garrett Gitchell, President at Vision to Work   Garrett’s Blog 

Jim Markowsky, President of X-Factor Solutions LLC   Jim’s Blog  

You guys rock!  May our lone penguin not feel so alone.  May we find that Angel who will fund our time so we can stop worrying about the bills and take the time to write that Game Changer book.  If not Us, then Whom.  Both Me and You.

If you are reading this article and you happen to be willing to investment so that this group can pause their work long enough to write, let us know.  We have a new view or two.  In fact I know we do.


Ripple of Life

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One drop goes far...

One drop goes far...

I recently have been reflecting on the concepts of Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics.  How so many things are interconnected.  How various choices I make are connected together and impact myself and others, both immediately and at a later time.  I’ve also been thinking about how things we learn as children often affect our behaviors as adults. 

For those unfamiliar with Systems Thinking, it is a style of thinking (and analyzing) that looks at a myrid of elements and how they affect each other.  It is a process of understanding how things influence one another within a defined “system.”  I often refer to this as holistic thinking or thinking holistically.  

If you are interested in learning more about this concept, you can go to the Systemswiki for more information (in addition to Wikipedia, of course).  You might also be interested in System Dynamics.

As I was reading in the wiki, the following came to mind.

Every choice I make,
Every action I take,
affects those around me.

I am both the stone and the ripple in the pond of life.

May I also be one with the pond.

I’d like to ask that you stop and reflect on a few things:

  • How your own behaviors and style of interaction affect others?
  • What it means if someone has a “positive vibe” or a “negative vibe”?
  • How the positive or negative energy of others can affect you?

Have you ever heard the following phrases?  Do you know what they mean?

  • They are an energy vampire.
  • They sucked the life right out of the room.

It is my hope that my actions have a positive influence not a negative one (a One not a Zero) as I continue on my quest for a revolution in the pond of life. 

Will you join me in creating positive ripples, not negative ones?  May we infuse others with energy, not drain them.

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Guiding Principles

- Think Holistically
- Seek the Root Causes
- Respect the Individual
- Demonstrate Accountability
- Collaborate with Clients
- Work with Integrity, Always
- Relate to the Business Strategy
- Ensure Alignment
- Demonstrate Responsibility
- Transfer Skills

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